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Student Loan Repayment Planning

At Varela Financial, we believe financial planning is like running hurdles around a track. The first hurdle most graduate professionals run into is their student loan debt. We help our clients get over that hurdle so they can leverage their finances to live the lifestyle they desire.

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The Varela Financial Difference

All the necessary financial services you need, in one place!

It’s common for individuals to have multiple advisors. Maybe you have a Financial Advisor who manages your investments, an Insurance Agent that does you insurance planning, an Accountant that does your tax planning, ect. The question is, are all these advisors on the same page when it comes to your overall plan?

At Varela Financial, there’s no need to search for these different advisors. We have all the advisors you would need under one roof. That way you have ONE TEAM that is on the same page, rather than four different advisors telling your four different things.

The good news is, you don’t need to have all of this figured out right now.

It’s simply a matter of properly planning for different scenarios, which is what we assist our clients with at Varela Financial

Us vs them

Varela Financial


Human-to-Human Consultation
Provides Education on All Repayment Options
Personalized Recommendations
Hands-On Implementation
Annual Check-In Meetings
Works in Best Interest of the Client
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Specialization Matters

Traditional Repayment vs. Non-Traditional Repayment.

Choosing the right repayment plan can be tough. There are over 15 different repayment options to choose from – which can get overwhelming when researching on your own. We boil it down to 2 repayment strategies:

Traditional Repayment vs. Non-Traditional Repayment. Watch the video to learn more!

The Varela Financial Difference

The biggest difference between us and our competitors is that we continue to meet with our clients on an annual basis.

When it comes to your finances, you want to work with people who actually care about your case. The problem is that nowadays it feels impossible to find anyone that actually cares.

If you want to be confident that you’re working with the right people, make sure you work with a group that will make personalized recommendations for you and then meet with you once a year to track those recommendations.

That’s what we do at Varela Financial.

Our process is simple:

We solve your student loan problem so you can leverage your finances to live the lifestyle you deserve!